IAOMR PG Convention 2019 Winners List

Dear Friends and colleagues,

Warm greetings from V.S.Dental college and hospital, Bangalore.

Oral medicine and imaging is a specialised area of dentistry which is constantly subject to dynamic changes due to overwhelming advancements. This era has witnessed mysterious expansion both in its scope and complexity. The current decade has enormous advances to bring out better improvisation in patient health care outcomes in both specific context and as a whole. The theme “Oral medicine and imaging in the next decade – way forward” will bring eminent speakers, for sharing knowledge and upcoming strategies in a paramount gathering.

We look forward in welcoming you all to the National IAOMR PG Convention 2019 in the bustling ‘Silicon Valley of India-Bangalore’. Which is surrounded by many enigmatic tourist attractions to which people throng all-round the year due to serene climate and natural beauty. It is one of the cities with superlative educational centres abetting for all fields which are recognised as one of the oldest institutions in South India. We take immense pleasure in welcoming you to ‘One State May World-Bangalore’ which is a site of both tourist attraction and cultural heritage.